Thursday, January 14, 2010

Without Wings

Scanning my Google Alerts (an awesome tool) I found this little story in a string of blog posts about parenting and religion (uneditted):

I am a firm believer whatever faith we choose it is a personal part of our lives and should not be judged by others as I feel who am I to judge what someone else follows or believes. My hubby is a true skeptic in the religious field but has always allowed me to do as I feel as regards my faith.

So what an eye opener he had last Friday he works out of State but was home and collected our daughter from school and took her to Starbucks as he wanted to talk over certain issues etc with her. On arriving he noticed this young woman in her 20’s sat in the corner outside where most Starbucks have chairs etc. He was talking away, advising our daughter on one thing or another, he said as far as he was aware it wasn’t loud but just face to face normal Chat. They had been there for going on 15-20 mins when the girl in the corner walked over to their table and place a book down and walked away. Of course he being a naive man etc was a little taken aback, looked at the book and said OH MY she has left her book. Picked it up and as he did out fell a piece of paper. He turned to look for the girl who had gone literally gone.

My daughter picked up the piece of paper and handed it to her Dad when he turned the book over the title was “ Why a Daughter needs a Dad” 100 reasons and on the scrap of paper it read

Keep Strong (with a heart drawn at the side)
Below it
He’s only looking out for you

My hubby was astounded and handed it to our daughter who started to leaf through the book and read the reasons etc. She then turned to her Dad and said Daddy she just vanished simply vanished and started to cry!!

Of course I was not there at the time and after they had told me the story the words that came to my mind were: That’s right ~~not all angels have wings~~

Wow. That little book keeps touching lives. I am so blessed being the one who wrote it. I only hope Meagan discovers and appreciates one day how much her story has meant to others. That will be her real reward, understanding how much her dad loved her and wanted to make that known to the world.

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