Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Be Not Indifferent

With wisdom is found humility, mercy, consideration and love. Be not indifferent, but be wise and ready to do whatever is good, including loving those who may seem impossible to love. Christ died not for his friends alone, but his enemies as well. Be not indifferent.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Points North Magazine mention....

Lift Others Up

Let not your brother suffer as others walk past, but reach out your hand and take him into your heart. Be kind and compassionate to one another, just as in Christ God has been kind and compassionate to you. Our duty to others is enforced by the example of Christ. He forgot himself in his work of saving men. So ought we too. Lift others up.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Offer Your Shoulder

Be there even if you haven’t been asked to show up. When you are least expected is often when you are most needed. Giving comfort secures more real happiness than receiving, and besides, is Godlike and blesses forever. Offer your shoulder.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Be Fair Always

Always, not just when it serves you well. To be otherwise is to be dishonest, and that is not good. Look to the interests of others; earn respect for your impartial character rather than contempt for your dishonorable ways. Be fair always.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Encourage Your Friends

No friend is more welcomed than the one who encourages you. Make yourself welcomed. Encourage your friends and stir them to duty so that the cause of Christ may be made stronger. Encourage your friends, turn them from false promises, and you too will be encouraged.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Make Many Friends

To have a friend is to be a friend. You can never have enough friends, but you can have too few. Be zealous, enthusiastic, not indifferent, making the needs of your brethren your own and helping them, receiving one another into full fellowship as Christ received you. Make many friends.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Share With Others

Share not just your things, but your heart, counsel, and time too. When you do, you’ll enjoy everything more, and so will everyone else. During life our means must be so used as to please God; your free and cheerful giving will indeed be blessed. Share with others.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Strike Up Conversations

You’d be surprised how many people are lonely and think no one cares. Show that you care. Strike up conversations, extending not only to your friends but to strangers too the comfort that God has given you. In this way you will surely confound the work of God’s adversaries. Strike up conversations.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Love Talk

Being in love is a wonderful circumstance we are all grateful to find ourselves in. It is all at once a heartwarming, fulfilling, consuming, euphoric, promising and tantalizing experience. Love stirs us to be at our best and moves us to thoughtful, attentive action and deference. Being in love is seemingly effortless at times, especially in the formative days of a new relationship when one is all agush with admiration for the object of his affection, when one cannot ask too much of you and you cannot give too much of yourself. But the truth is romantic love is far from being an effortless adventure. As time passes and the newness wears off, it becomes apparent that intentional and continuous effort is required to nurture and preserve romantic love. Love cannot be assumed to be just simply “understood” between two people or even left to chance and nature’s course; it must be actively encouraged, reciprocated and reassured if love is to take root, grow deeper and endure for a lifetime.

Reassuring someone of your love involves both action and verbal expression. Showing your love is easily accomplished through various actions that are recognized as signs of love, like lingering in the comfort of a warm embrace, walking hand in hand, sharing a passionate kiss, or hundreds of other tender, attentive gestures that are given exclusively to our loved one. But such actions are not enough – one likes to hear that you love her, and probably likes to hear it often and in ways that have never been said before. Expressing your love with words in a tender, insightful and disclosing conversation or in brief yet meaningful phrases, are reassurances of your affection and commitment. Whether one sings another to sleep with a favorite love song or often repeats a little jingle that has special meaning, people in love find personal and intimate ways to verbally express their love for one another. It is that love talk, those little sweet nothing statements that are, when said, as profound and memorable, if not more so, as any gesture of love one might make, that this book is about.

We most often express our love by simply saying, “I love you.” These words, whether spoken or written, are not to be underestimated in their significance. These words are spoken in every language and culture and are longed for by everyone at one time or another in our lives. These words are used at pivotal moments in relationships, as when first telling someone of how important they have become in your heart or when wedding vows are exchanged. However, familiarity brings an unfortunate consequence and one day this phrase will no longer be as fresh and heart lifting as when it was first spoken. Not because “I love you” becomes less treasured or believable as an expression of romantic love, but because we tend to become less attentive to that which happens, or is said, all the time.

So what to do? The solution to this romance dilemma is simple – one must take advantage of the human desire for novelty. Our attention is peaked when we see and experience something for the first time. Likewise, our hearts are lifted when we hear “I love you” said differently, said not out of habit or expectation, but out of a desire to express this: “I want to tell you just how special and important you are to me, and I want to tell you in a way I’ve never said and you’ve never heard before.” Love talk must be not only sincere, but also creative, thoughtful and ever changing to make sure his ears receive your words with the desired enthusiasm and welcome effect.

Furthermore, not only must one think of and say “I love you” in different ways, one must learn to hear “I love you” when it is said, even if perhaps not exactly in those three words. Just as one has a responsibility to be loving and reassuring toward his partner, one also has a responsibility to recognize and be receptive to the many ways in which the partner might express her romantic love. Sometimes saying “I love you” comes easy, sometimes not. Sometimes saying “I love you” doesn’t seem enough for the moment and other words should be employed instead. Hearing these words and making known their tender effect are essential steps to giving your loved one the confidence that you understand him and value his efforts to express himself. What better way is there to let someone know you love the way she loves you?

Make love talk a part of your repertoire, a new step in your romantic dance. When you do, you will touch a heart in a way that it has not been touched before. When you do, you will see that love talk confers a unique message to someone who wants to hear just what love talk really is - the sound of a memory that will last forever.

Say Something Nice

Certainly you enjoy compliments and sincere pleasantries. So does everyone else. As your lips smile, say something nice, revealing your heart with your words. Use courteous, graceful speech, calculated to attract rather than to repel, so that you might make a new friend. Say something nice.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Smile at everyone.

Christian character is not mere moral or legal correctness, but the possession and manifestation of several graces, including love, joy, and peace. A simple smile is an easy yet powerful expression of those graces. Smile at everyone; smile a lot. It says a lot about you.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Launch Week

I'm excited - my two new books, my first to be published by Sourcebooks - are out this week! Because You are My Daughter and Because You are My Son, both celebrating a parent's pride in and hope for a beloved child, are a fresh approach to a familiar topic for me. These books, numbers 22 and 23 of my works, still focus on the special parent-child bond I've written so often about, but rather than rely on positive aphorisms (100 Reasons) to tell the story, I've written letters to Meagan and Linley (the Daughter book) and Cameron, the boy I mentor (the Son book) to express a parent's thoughts. Here's what the publisher says:

"Because You Are My Daughter is a heartfelt letter of love from one proud parent. New York Times bestselling author Gregory E. Lang puts into words and photographs the unique ways mothers and fathers bond with their little girls and inspire them to become amazing women.

As parents, nothing makes us more proud than watching our daughters grow into beautiful, successful, happy women. We cherish every first step, first smile, first sign of independence, and first grown-up decision, and we know we are learning, experiencing, and succeeding right along with her.

Let this wise and warm book give voice to all the personal connections you have with your daughter and let her know how blessed you feel to have her in your life."

Available now in your favorite national bookstore and online (see the covers on the right margin of this page). I hope you enjoy them!

On another front, just today I finally finished my first distinctively Christain book. While all my books endorse Christain traditions all have been more secular than not. In this new book, currently titled Walk with Jesus, I write straight out about Christian living. I hope I can find a publishing home for it, and pray that God will provide me with a new audience for this work. Until then, I plan to post portions of Walk with Jesus from time to time just for your pleasure.

Enough for now; God bless!