Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Launch Week

I'm excited - my two new books, my first to be published by Sourcebooks - are out this week! Because You are My Daughter and Because You are My Son, both celebrating a parent's pride in and hope for a beloved child, are a fresh approach to a familiar topic for me. These books, numbers 22 and 23 of my works, still focus on the special parent-child bond I've written so often about, but rather than rely on positive aphorisms (100 Reasons) to tell the story, I've written letters to Meagan and Linley (the Daughter book) and Cameron, the boy I mentor (the Son book) to express a parent's thoughts. Here's what the publisher says:

"Because You Are My Daughter is a heartfelt letter of love from one proud parent. New York Times bestselling author Gregory E. Lang puts into words and photographs the unique ways mothers and fathers bond with their little girls and inspire them to become amazing women.

As parents, nothing makes us more proud than watching our daughters grow into beautiful, successful, happy women. We cherish every first step, first smile, first sign of independence, and first grown-up decision, and we know we are learning, experiencing, and succeeding right along with her.

Let this wise and warm book give voice to all the personal connections you have with your daughter and let her know how blessed you feel to have her in your life."

Available now in your favorite national bookstore and online (see the covers on the right margin of this page). I hope you enjoy them!

On another front, just today I finally finished my first distinctively Christain book. While all my books endorse Christain traditions all have been more secular than not. In this new book, currently titled Walk with Jesus, I write straight out about Christian living. I hope I can find a publishing home for it, and pray that God will provide me with a new audience for this work. Until then, I plan to post portions of Walk with Jesus from time to time just for your pleasure.

Enough for now; God bless!


Ginny said...

It's time for me to visit the Target book area...there are a couple more books waiting to be added to my library!

Anonymous said...

Finally! I can add another book by Greg Lange to my library.
This morning i found a little Three musketeer candy bar at my computer(left there by Debie my younger daughter)"Daddy's little angel".
Thank you for your books and don't ever stray from the course you are following
Sincerely;Richard A. Wirsching