Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Dose of Wisdom #1

Seek the regular counsel of someone better equipped than you.

As competent as you may be, your knowledge and experience is limited to that which you have been exposed to. While you may often draw from your prior knowledge and experience to help you reach wise decisions, you are likely unable to handle anything since you have not yet been (and are most likely not to be) exposed to all things. Consequently, when confronted with a unique and unexpected challenge or circumstance, you may be inadequately equipped to handle the matter appropriately. In such times you would do well to turn to a trusted, mature advisor, seeking his counsel, thoughtfully considering his advice given based on his greater wisdom and experience.

Your To Do: Identify a person you can rightfully consider wiser and more experienced than you, preferable someone older and with life experiences different from your own. Ask him to be your mentor and begin spending regular time together in discussion and disclosure, presenting to him your questions and challenges. Listen carefully, learn from him, and equip yourself with his wisdom.

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