Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dose of Wisdom #2

You cannot make someone love you, but you can be someone who can be loved.

You may now or will one day wish to have someone to love, someone who will love you in equal return. You may even currently be in a determined search to find that person who would fulfill your romantic dreams. But do you know who you are looking for? An eligible single who best meets your criteria yet whom you must convince to become interested in and attracted to you? Or someone who sees you, understands you, and loves who you are? Think more about who is interested in you than who you wish were interested in you. It is far better to be readily loved than to work hard to cause someone to love you. The former is indeed a gift; the latter is indeed not.

Your To Do: Take a thorough, objective inventory of yourself and discover those characteristics and attributes which draw others toward you. Work to enhance those appealing assets, and then wait patiently for that special someone who will one day find you, and love you.

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