Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Nothing Stops Dad

Another story from my book Daddy's Little Girl:

When getting off the bus one morning on the way to elementary school, Kim tried to jump across a snow and ice covered curb. Unlike her fellow students who had jumped before her but cleared the icy patch, eight year old Kim didn't leap quite far enough and down she went. One of her hands bent backwards as she landed and the force snapped her wrist.

Although she was in considerable pain, she didn’t shed a tear as she was escorted to the school nurse’s office. She wanted to be a brave girl, as brave as her father always was.

The nurse called Kim’s parents and told them of her accident, learning the stoic child would have to wait until her mother could find someone who could drive them there to pick her up. Both parents were blind and obviously could not drive themselves to the school.

Her father hadn’t yet left the house for work when the nurse’s call came in, and wanting to be with his injured daughter as soon as possible, decided not to wait for a ride. He grabbed his cane and left the house, in his haste leaving his gloves and scarf behind. He walked just over a mile through the Philadelphia winter, all the way to the school.

When her father walked into the nurse’s office, Kim burst into tears, not because the pain of her broken wrist had finally gotten to her, but because she was so touched that her dad had endured the walk to come to her side dressed only in his business suit. In spite of his vision impairment and in the face of rather unfavorable conditions, he had once more come to her rescue.

He took a seat beside her, draped his arm around her shoulders and kissed her on top of her head. “You’re going to be okay,” he said, “Daddy’s here.” He carefully raised his fingers to her checks and brushed away the tears he knew were there.

Kim knew that day nothing could stop her dad; he would come to her rescue whenever she needed him to. And over the following years, he did.

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