Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Place in Her Heart

When four year old Lily first became aware her dad, Warren, left home each morning to go to work and would then be out of sight for hours, she cried if she had not waved good-bye to him. To offer comfort and minimize her tears, mom began waking Lily each morning in time to stand in her bedroom window to wave goodbye as he backed his car out of the garage.

Lily waved to her dad every workday for two years; as long as it took for her to believe he really would be coming home at the end of each day. When he finally did walk through the door, she dropped everything to run to him and jump into his open arms.

Although Warren was relieved when he learned his little girl had outgrown her fear of his disappearance, he couldn’t help but be a little saddened the first morning he looked up and found an empty window at Lily’s bedroom. It was her first step toward that moment he knew was coming but hoped was still many years away, that moment when little girls become teens who then have too little time and affection for their dads.

Steering his car onto the road, Warren remembered the previous morning when Lily had waved goodbye to him. Had he known it was the last time she would send him off in that way, he would have paused and watched her a little longer, looking at the twinkle in her eyes, knowing he was the reason she was up so early in the morning.

As he reassured himself that he still held a special place in his daughter’s heart, he hoped she had not also outgrown the afternoon greeting she offered him upon his return home. That, he was not yet ready to lose. It was his favorite part of the day.

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