Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Book Review

Over the weekend I found (thanks to Google Alerts!) this great review of my second book, and wanted to share:

This isn’t so much a classical book as it is 100 affirmations for fathers to ponder and even for sons to remember. It’s a fresh reminder at a time when the divorce rate is simply out of control and fathers are being marginalized in the lives of their children in the aftermath, often against their will and best efforts.

Gregory Lang’s effort reminds us all of the critically important roles fathers play in their sons’ lives at a time when some are glorifying “single motherhood by choice.” More than that - all of their children’s lives, son or daughter, are so affected by the sentiments that are chronicled in this book. Sadly, today more than ever, children are being raised in fatherless homes or in custodial situations that relegate fathers to very limited parenting-child interaction by order of family courts.

These thoughts are shown in both simple and more complex issues, for example:

o A son needs a dad who can be playful and silly
o A son needs a dad who can help him face his challenges with confidence
o A son needs a dad to nurture his independence

The formula that Gregory Lang has provided in such a simplistic format is quite powerful. Even in our busy daily lives, one can expect to sit down with this book, a book that isn’t a very long read, and expect to be left pondering many of the 100 areas that Lang chooses to include in this work. Maybe we’ll be thinking about our own fathers and grandfathers. Maybe we’ll be thinking about our children’s futures and how they’ll end up. They range from items that remind you let your guard down and have some carefree fun with your kids - to the benefits of hard work, doing things on your own with your own two hands, to learning to respect others and ways to gain respect yourself. It’s a checklist for bringing up boys in the way that will give them all the tools necessary to be bright, smart, caring, loving, and considerate adults and fathers in their own right. It won’t tell you how to get it done, but it certainly will remind you what needs to get done.

I highly recommend this book for fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters alike. It’s one that should be sitting out there on the coffee table or on the end of your work desk. When you need a break from the day-to-day mundane tasks, it’s a perfect distraction that will refresh your mind and leave you with a smile on your face. The accompanying photography by Janet Lankford-Moran provides a stunning compliment.

What prompted me to write this review was a little reminder of my own. I was going to grab some chocolate chip cookies for snack tonight and found that DW had pilfered what was left earlier in the day. This prompted me to make an ice cream run.

I headed out to the van for the snack acquisition and as I opened the driver’s side door, there was book opened on my seat. It was Why a Son Needs a Dad (100 Reasons). It was open to the page that read:

A son needs a dad who is willing to make sacrifices for his family.

I turned around and asked my son, “Was this your message for me?”

He replied with that proud grin that only a child can offer, “Yeah, Dad. I love you.”

I responded as the lump started to push on my throat, “Yeah, well I love you guys both with everything I got. I really appreciate the message, son.”

He continued, “Yeah, well, I just wanted to let you know that we both know you guys make a lot of sacrifices to keep us with you and take care of us and stay in our lives and stuff. And I just wanted to let you know that.”

I thanked him again and off we rolled to ice creamy goodness. Unbeknownst to me, my son had picked that book off of the book shelf today and read it. He put it on the driver’s seat of the van sometime this afternoon without ever knowing when I would be having to take a drive. Lucky for him, his timing was impeccable and it resulted in an extra scoop for the both of them. After all, sometimes a son needs a dad to show him that flattery will sometimes get you an extra scoop of ice cream!

The original review may be found at Book Review: Why a Son Needs a Dad (100 Reasons)

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